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Who ruined your promo at the supermarkets?

Manufacturers invest huge amounts of money in forecasting, planning, and organizing promotions in supermarkets. But the result of the campaign will be in question if there is a discrepancy at the implementation stage. As an example, if the services in the trading floor do not have time to replace the price tags. How can a manufacturer solve the problem of the "last mile" and find the reasons why promotions do not make a profit?

What prevents the promo from being profitable?

There are no yellow/red price tags
The promotional price is the most obvious marker at the start of the promotion. To check whether the promo has been launched, manufacturers conduct an audit of yellow/red price tags. Many companies have made auditing a mandatory step of the visit, and we have automated it using TECHNOPEAK/Agent. The photography assistant will tell the auditor how to take a good picture: at the right angle, clear, not too dark or illuminated. Consolidated reporting from the stores will be available for marketing services in a mode close to real time.

There are no goods on the shelf displayed
During the promotion, the goods are sold faster. Of course, putting them on the shelf is the task of the store. But the staff is almost always overloaded, and an empty space in place of the promotional SKU is not a rare story. And if there are no goods — there are no sales. A manufacturer who does not control the situation will not even know that the promo has failed due to the lack of goods.
It makes sense to visit the stores where the promo is planned more often. Therefore, many companies adapt the routes of merchandisers to the promotional program. If the store does not cope, the field employee himself will put things in order on the shelf, take the goods
out of the warehouse and make a photo report "before" and "after". This will allow the manufacturer to promptly monitor the course of the action, the fulfillment of the supermarkets conditions and the work of its staff.
Is it possible to do this with AI?
Staff is required to put the goods on the shelf. Nevertheless, digital merchandising systems are already able to monitor the layout and price tags. Recent experience of the largest FMCG players shows that digital meter reduces the cost of retail service. For example, it allows to work without filling out questionnaires during monitoring - AI recognizes the goods in the photo and gives an assessment of the situation on the shelf.

Projects with digital merchandising providers show fantastic results. TECHNOPEAK/Agent seamlessly integrates with shelf recognition systems (working in a single interface").

Results of the application of digital recognition technology in FMCG according to market data:


The time of data collection in stores is reduced by 3 times,
the speed of business decision-making increases


The accuracy of data collected by field staff increases

from 70% to 95-96%

There are no goods in stock
The goods must be in the store's warehouse in the volume that was predicted for the promo. If there is a failure in the supply chain, the merchandiser records the out-of-stock and generates an alert in the mobile application. Alerts are received by KAM in real time. For many manufacturers, the processing of such notifications is a top priority: the sooner the situation is corrected, the less the company´s losses will be.
Yes, an empty warehouse can be a reflection of fundamental problems in logistics. But if sales force keeps its finger on the pulse, the manufacturer can monitor the situation in real time, allowing you
to understand the reasons for success or failure of the promo and make management decisions in time.
Monitoring of the promotion from the backoffice
All stock data collected in the field is sent to the backoffice part of TECHNOPEAK/Agent. Reports are built for operational control of the campaign, allowing to understand how penetrating was the promo in the area, and track the effectiveness at the precise moment. The data can be then uploaded to RGM or OLAP cubes for a deeper analysis.
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