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How to return a supervisor

to the field?

Let's talk about supervisors. Automating the fields, companies often "forget" about the leaders of field teams. Sales representatives and merchandisers receive a mobile application, office staff — reports and dashboards. And supervisors remain on the sidelines.

To control teams and set tasks, managers are forced to use messengers, mail, voice communication and even social networks. For example, we know a large company whose supervisors have been exchanging photos from points of sale via Instagram for six months. It is not surprising that the favorite tool of many line managers is an ordinary paper notebook. Therefore, we conducted a survey.

Why are supervisors ineffective?

  • They are "saturated" with reporting.
  • They spend a lot of resources on routing.
  • They spend more time in the office than in the field.
  • They do not monitor the work of employees precisely enough.
  • They don't have time to schedule additional visits.
  • They rarely travel to the fields.
At the same time, in most companies, a supervisor is a field employee, not an office one. His place is on the territory and in retail outlets. How to remove the routine from supervisors' work and return them to the fields? Give them their own tool for remote and office work. We'll tell you about such a tool on the example of the TECHNOPEAK solution.

How will automation help the supervisor?

1. The solution will simplify the setting and control of KPI
Field employees see their metrics in the app in real time. The supervisor monitors the KPI of each member and the summary indicators of the team, quickly responds to deviations.

2. The solution will replace calls with online monitoring
The system records every step of a field employee: the beginning of work, registration at the point of sale, deviation from the route, generated documents, etc. The application shows where each subordinate is located and how he has worked out the route at the moment. The supervisor can open any document and view photos from retail outlets.

3. It will allow supervisors to quickly balance territories and routes
The TECHNOPEA solution contains routing tools. They help to maintain a permissible load on the field team, avoid crossing territories, redistribute points with changes in staff (rotation, vacation) without having to use expensive specialized software.

4. The solution will simplify the setting of tasks

The TECHNOPEAK system allows to set tasks individually and to the whole team, in relation to points or routes. The task automatically appears in the field employee's application; you can request a photo confirmation of the execution.
Summing up, automation of supervisors significantly increases the efficiency of field teams and helps:
  • Maintain optimal team load on a daily basis without the cost of expensive logistics software.
  • Maintain the required level of sales in the territory while staff changes
  • Increase the availability of important operational information.
  • Reduce the time for setting and monitoring tasks.
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