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Real Effects of Our Customers
Technopeak team creates digital ecosystems for integrated business process management tailored to the individual needs of each customer
Working together with us will help you to increase productivity, reduce costs, maintain constant growth in the market and will take your company to the next level of competitiveness!
Revenue growth in the first year after the implementation more than
Reduction of equipment losses

Reduction of the duration for contract procurement from
a week to 1 day
Reduction to process sales
Office operator reduction
x2.5 TIMES
Shelf share increase:
traditional retail
chain retail
Trade Equipment Data Base for Heineken

Digital Services

Data Services

Applications, approvals, additions
Tracking status:

Financial Information and Interaction History

Available assortment, plans for /warehouse godos arrival

KPI plans establishment, monitoring and calculation of its implementation
Single Window for Contract Management and Commitment Control
Portrait of a distributor
Speed of management decisions increase
Reducing labor costs for information collecting from distributors
Improving quality of data transmitted by the distributor
Sell out, Sell in, Balances updated instantly
Reliable analytics on the effectiveness of work with counterparties
Objective control of compliance with contractual terms and KPI calculation
Reducing time spent on reporting and collecting information on distributors

  • Sell-In
  • Sell-Out
  • Warehouse balances
  • Price lists
  • Accounts receivable
  • Order statuses
Distributor Dashboard
History of interaction with a customer (calls, letters, messages in chats on the website and social networks)
Customer base management
Trade Management
Sales funnel
Drafting contracts
Tender work
Quick collection of information
on the outlet
Increasing the speed of management decisions
Reducing labor costs for routine operations
Ability to focus sales reps on key customers
CRM [ Customer Relationship Management ]
Managing distributors, their warehouses, assortment and price lists
Client base and sensory parameters management
Questionnaires for merchandising tasks management
Assortment Matrix Management
Task Setting and Execution Control
KPIs and employees' bonuses management
Routing sessions, monitoring implementation, viewing session results
Audit of distributor sales representatives
Improving the effectiveness of sales force management
Obtaining real-time and reliable data on visits of the distributor's field employees and sales representatives
Reduction of incorrect KPI rewards (%)
Actions of sales representatives are confirmed by facts
Reduction of reporting time

SFA - web application
Territory Sensing and Customer Base Management
Viewing and completing assigned tasks, route session
View contract terms, accounts receivable and customer credit limit
Acceptance of customer orders, collection
Access to marketing materials and product presentations
Completion of questionnaires for the tasks of merchandising and monitoring compliance with contractual conditions, etc.
View KPI plan/fact and automatical calculation of bonuses achieved
Integration with Image Recognition
Increase the efficiency of sales representatives and merchandisers
Reducing the number of operators
Instant update and automated collection of information on the outlet after the visit
Improved monitoring of sales reps
Reduction of labor costs by automation of shelf audits with Image Recognition
Reduction of incorrect KPI rewards (%)
SFA - mobile app
Increase in sales promotion and trade-marketing activities
in the context of the sales point
Management of the assortment in real time (including work with inventory, novelties, OoS, top-SKU)
Control of availability and placement of POS materials
Shelf operation: compliance with display standards, monitoring of shelf share, control of facing and product quality
Price Audit and Inventory Control
Monitoring of competitors' activities
Improvement of efficiency and objective evaluation of marketing activities
Objective monitoring of merchants' compliance with obligations and standards
Quick information acquisition on competitors' prices and their representation in outlets
Trade Marketing
Planning of promotional and wholesale activities in the channel of key customers
Transmission of promo data to local systems (ERP, Planning System, Salesforce Automation)
Promo pre-modeling
Initiation and preliminary evaluation of promotional activities
Approval Process
Sales and Operational Planning and Pricing Management
Post evaluation of the promos conducted

Improving the quality of promotional planning and forecasting accuracy
Minimize "bad costs" such as penalties from customers
Reducing losses from underestimated/overestimated production plans (due to fluctuations in demand, write-offs, discounts on product shelf life, etc.)
Improved control of promo representation in networks through integration with Salesforce Automation
Getting reliable promo data in real time
Maintaining an unified register of equipment
Tracking the status of each piece of equipment
Control of equipment movement and location
Failure Causes Analysis
Initiation, coordination and control of equipment maintenance: repair, installation, dismantling, replacement

Reducing equipment losses
Up-to-date information of the location and condition of the equipment
Information is updated after each sales representative visit
Transparent service program
Improved planning of equipment budgets
Monitoring of earmarked funding
Trade Equipment Data Base
Ensuring control and access to the entire company's sales chain
Building a direct channel of interaction with the end customer
Flexible business scenarios for B2B and B2C
Automation of work with distributors
Receipt of orders 24/7
Pricing of any complexity
Marketing Programs and Personalization
Real-time access to objective analytics across the entire sales chain
Reduce costs and increase revenue by distributors work automation
Quick launch of the portal, time to market less than 3 months
Sales growth due to receipt of orders 24/7
Saving time to process sales data
Increase end customer loyalty through implemented marketing programs and personalization
Real-time access to objective analytics across the entire sales chain
B2B, B2C portal
Storage of unstructured information of any formats from different sources
Flexible configuration
Capabilities of scaling up
Data lake
Ability to use data for any purpose: analyses, forecasts, optimization of business processes
Data can be retrieved with specific features or analyzed directly inside the lake using analytics systems
Management of the contents of NSI directories
Viewing and searching the contents of NSI directories
Requests management to add/modify help information
MDM [ Master Data Management ]
Creating and configuring custom directories in user mode
Synchronization of NSI directories
Integration (loading/unloading) of NSI directories
Administration of NSI directories
Data Mining. Data processing and analysis tools for different slices. The system identifies dependencies and trends using a variety of information processing methods - from statistics and forecasting to semantic analysis
BI [ Business Intelligence ]
Extracting information from the data lake, transforming and clearing information
Data visualization
Image Recognition - product recognition, display and prices on shelves
Sales Forecasting
Predictive analysis of the distributor's condition
AI [ Artificial intelligence ]
Recommendations for working with customers, territory, distributors
Sales Rep Routes Optimization
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