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Trade Equipment Data Base for Heineken
Heineken equipment

  • Trade Marketer
  • Equipment Controller (auditor)
  • Maintaining a unified register of equipment
  • Tracking status of each piece of equipment: New, In stock, Installed, Broken, Not Repaired, Lost, Written Off, Transit
  • Analysis of the causes of the breakdown
  • Setting the frequency of equipment inventory by auditors and sales representatives
  • Analysis of equipment movement
  • Analysis of completed equipment repairs
  • Approval of applications for installation, dismounting, replacement, relocation, maintenance, repair
  • Distribution of applications by service engineers
Control module
  • Reduction of equipment losses by 80 %
  • At the moment, the loss of equipment is less than 1%

  • Up-to-date information about the location and condition of the equipment
  • The information is updated daily and validated after each visit of the sales representative

  • Immediate business benefits, 1 million euros first quarter.

  • Reducing the monitoring time and dedicated staff in more than 30%

  • Improving the quality of equipment budget planning
  • The database contains complete and up-to-date information on the availability and condition of equipment, which allows you to make investment decisions
Solution Advantages
Assessment of the impact of equipment on sales

NPD cycle (quick launch of new products)

Reducing the burden of claims work
Application of new mechanics of motivational programs to increase cold beverages coverage

Control of targeted financing
New Opportunities
Solution Architecture

  • Sales Representative
  • Auditor
  • Receiving information on the equipment assigned to a Point of Sale or warehouse
  • Confirmation of the availability of equipment by barcode or QR code
  • If the new (not assigned to this PS) equipment is detected, it is possible to add it to a Point of Sale or to a warehouse
  • Note the absence of equipment with mandatory indication of the reasons
  • Confirmation of the installation of new equipment Sending an application for the installation of equipment in the SP indicating the parameters of the necessary equipment (brand, type of equipment, overall characteristics, special requirements for equipment: availability/ no lock, header type, listing amount)
  • Sending applications for dismountling of equipment at SP with an indication of the reasons
  • Sending replacement requests with a description of the reasons
  • Sending requests for relocation with a description of the reasons
Mobile application for field employees

Service Engineer
  • Orders;
  • New order push-notification;
  • Client profiles;
  • Service parts management;
  • Tasks;
  • Check-lists;
  • Capture photos;
  • GPS matching
  • Demand for new service tasks / upsales;
  • Warning about problems
The Service Engineer's mobile app
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Refrigeration equipment

Summer equipment
42 000

Dispensing equipment

Lack of control over service operations (quality of repairs, frequency of maintenance)
No unified list to check the condition and cleanliness of equipment.
No photo capture, GPS check or code scanning to confirm that the exact equipment.
The information was updated by sales representative or merchandiser manually and occasionally not in each visit, in most cases, just in a paper notebook (there was no functionality at SFA mobile app). Information consolidated in Excel and sent to manufacturer once every 2 weeks.
The manufacturer was forced to keep records of equipment in Excel, collecting information from more than 200 distributors there.
Outdated Information about status and location
There was no single database, shipments were made to the distributor, and then to the points of sale. All movements were not transparent.
Each distributor kept equipment records independently in Excel
Equipment loss
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